FAQ Grant Call 2017


This document gives answers to frequently asked questions related to the IPP’s Grant Call 2017. You can find more information about the grant call from the IPP web page.

Should only one representative organization from a consortium sign grant contract with IPP and control the total budget on behalf of the whole consortium?

IPP will not stick to only one kind of contracting setup. Although IPP intend to make separate contracts with each consortium member who propose and receive grant from IPP, negotiation will be conducted to see suitable contracting setup to have the best outcomes.

In order to apply for an Integrated Program, can an Ecosystem Project replace an existing member with a selected eligible Univerity E&I Team?

As defined in the Grant Call, an ecosystem project is required to have minimum 3 independent member organizations. An Ecosystem Project may propose to change consortium members. Subject to acceptance of such change, the new consortium member can be any organization (university, association, company, etc) who share their values, key contributions and capabilities for supporting project.  For Integrated Program, there must be at least one additional (fourth) applicant in the consortium which is an eligible University E&I team.  An Ecosystem Project cannot just replace a member with a selected eligible University E&I Team in order to apply for an Integrated Program.

Can an Ecosystem Project or an University E&I Team apply for more than one Program?

No. Each applicant can take part in only one application.