Frequently asked questions

A. IPP’s support for innovation projects (new innovative company and innovation system development projects):

Where is the Expression of Interest form? I can’t find this EoI template.

The EoI template can be downloaded from the Library and these pages: EoI for innovation system development teams & EoI for new innovative companies.

What kinds of support IPP can give?

IPP’s support includes grant funding, innovation and entrepreneurship training (“Fast Track Training”) as as well as connections to expertise and other funding sources in Vietnam and abroad.

We are wondering if our products/services are good enough for IPP support?

Please study from this website what IPP is looking for. If you think you are in the right direction, please send your Expression of Interest to IPP at and we will get back to you to help you understand if you should continue interaction with IPP.

We are not start-up/new company. Can we send Expression of Interest (EoI) to IPP?

Yes please. IPP supports product and service development projects of new companies. The company may be totally new start-up, new joint company, new spin-off from existing organisations, etc. You may start this new company later, the latest before the first payment of IPP grant funds to you.

A consortium is needed for innovation system development projects. We are only one organisation, can we join?

Yes, if you are open for to cooperation we will hope you can find partners and we will also try to help you with that.

If we are both new innovative company and innovation system developer, should we fill in both Expression of Interest templates or just one?

If you are both a new company and innovation system developer, you should send an EoI that matches your project interest. If you will develop innovation system, then EoI for innovation system development project. If you will develop new product or service to international market, then EoI for new innovative growth company project.

Can I apply for support if I am not Vietnamese?

The program is open to international applicants, and you do not need to have a legal entity in place before the awards are granted. To receive grant money later, you need to have Vietnamese company registered.

How much funding can we receive from IPP?

The maximum amounts that IPP can provide for development of the innovative product or service at the early stage are EUR 30,000 for Innovative new innovative company project, and EUR 50,000 for the innovation system development project. The most promising projects will be invited later to apply for additional funding for expansion of the project.

The funds can be used to pay 70% of HR costs. Can they be used to pay for rent, equipment, software, etc?

The grant is meant only to reimburse costs related to internal human resource costs and external services.

IPP grant is 70%, up to 30,000 euros, for the human resource costs of the project. How about the rest of the costs and funding?

IPP assumes all teams have financial support enough to cover more than 30% of their human resource costs plus any additional start-up costs necessary for their operations during the 6 months of the first IPP grant and Innovation Fast Track Training.  The logic is that capable teams have some skin in the game, or have investors who are backing them. In either case, the ability to acquire resources for an innovation project is a key to success, and successful teams must demonstrate this by bringing their own resources to the table.

Upon receiving this grant, does it require to give IPP equity share or role in company governance?

IPP does not take equity share and it does not take part in company’s governance.

Does the grant amount include management fee of the company during the project lifetime?

The funding provided by IPP may be used to cover innovation project related Human Resource costs, such as salaries for managers and staff, as well as the cost of the training programs

When does IPP disburse the grant money?

IPP reimburses the grant money approximately every three project months based on expense report (paid expenses) and project status report from the company.

Are the grant support and 6-month training for the selected projects happening at the same time?

Yes, the grant support for the project’s Stage 1 and Fast Track part time training program are occurring at the same time.

How often and when do the project teams attend the Innovation Fast Track Training?

The Innovation Fast Track Training for the project teams supported by IPP takes place 2-4 times a month over six months.

Where will the training take place?

Fast Track training will take place in Vietnam, most likely in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Is the Innovation Fast Track Training delivered for all team members of a project or to only one individual?

All core members of the project team are expected to attend all sessions, and at least two members must be present at each session.  If not, the team will be removed from the program and no longer receive IPP support for their project. IPP will work closely with all IPP-supported teams to develop their innovative capacity as well as track each team’s progress through these training sessions

Shall the persons who attend the training leave their current company?

The Innovation Fast Track Training is provided for the project teams supported by IPP. The project team is expected to focus fully to the development of a new product or service supported by IPP. Part of this focused work is participation in the Fast Track Training


B. The Traning of Trainers (ToT1) Program

Where is the Expression of Interest form? I can’t find this EoI template.

The EoI instructions can be downloaded from the Library and this page: EoI call for the ToT1 Program. Please send all the required documents to

Does the ToT1 program require a Bachelor from an university abroad?

We prefer candidates who have one or more years of experience studying or working abroad, so receiving a degree from a university abroad is an excellent indicator of this type of experience, but we will also consider strong candidates who do not hold a degree from a foreign institution for selection.

Is the ToT1 seat and related support awarded to individuals or one team?

The ToT1 Program is for individuals. One potential on-the-job-learning work for the trainees in this program is to caoch the project teams supported by IPP in its Fast Track Training program .

The ToT1 is a 8-month full time commitment, meaning that trainees may not have any other full-time employment during the nine months of the program. What does this mean?

Trainees must be able to commit enough time for the program and cannot be in a full time job during the program.

Where will the training take place?

ToT1 training will take place in Vietnam, most likely in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.