Welcome to IPP2’s library. IPP2 has designed and develop an open-source Core Curriculum on Innovation & Entrepreneurship which have been applied in our training programs as Training of Trainers 1 or Innovation Accelerator Program. The materials are now available on IPP2’s website in forms of presentation slides and videos. In addition, you can find IPP2’s documents & publications and other useful links here.


IPP2’s Open Curriculum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Starting from spring 2015, IPP2 has been developing an open-source curriculum on innovation and entrepreneurship that focuses on the key concepts, tools and techniques for growth company generation. This curriculum is flexible and constantly evolving – it can be further developed and applied in many contexts and for different needs. So far, the IPP2 has tested the curriculum material in two training programs: the 9-weeks Training of Trainers program and a 4 day bootcamp for startups and other teams to kick-start the IPP2 Innovation Accelerator Program.

Overview of the Core Curriculum on Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Click HERE.

Full Curriculum of ToT1 Program (video & slides): Click HERE.


IPP2 Documents & Publications


IPP2’s introduction materials:

  1. IPP2 2016 Portfolio
  2. IPP2 2015 Info
  3. IPP 2015 Booklet
  4. IPP 2015 Innovation Teams Portfolio
  5. IPP Coaches Portfolio
  6. IPP 2015 Overview Infographic

Supporting documents for IPP2’s Grant Calls:

  1. 2016 Ecosystem Grant Call Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page
  2. Expression of Interest Template for New Innovative Companies (no further open calls for new companies will be organised)
  3. Expression of Interest Template for Innovation System Development Teams
  4. January workshops 2015: IPP2 key concepts
  5. January workshops 2015: IPP2’s support for innovation projects
  6. March 2015 workshops: IPP2’s resourcing grant in 5 minutes
  7. Frequently asked questions about IPP2 support in 2015

Innovation system reports

  1. International Education – Nguyen Tat Thanh Uni No 25- Startup Innovation Environment 
  2. OECD/The World Bank (2014), Science, Technology and Innovation in Viet Nam
  3. The World Bank (2014), Finland as a Knowledge Economy 2.0:Lessons on Policies and Governance



Useful links

Local Innovation & Entrepreneurship Supporters:

  1. Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam
  2. Fostering Innovation through Research, Science and Technology (FIRST)
  3. Vietnam Inclusive Innovation Project (VIIP)
  4. Vietnam Silicon Valley Project
  5. Center  for Social Initiatives Promotion
  8. Aiti Aptech
  9. Vietnam Youth Entrepreneurs VYE
  11. 5Desire

International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Supporters:

  1. Startup Next Accelerator
  2. SLUSH
  3. Global Startup Awards
  4. Tekes – The Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation