Natif – Tekes Joint Call: New Extension Deadline for Joint Proposal until 16 Jan 2017

Finnish and Vietnamese public innovation funding agencies have come together to support creation of strong Finnish-Vietnamese partnerships aimed at global business creation.  The Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation (Tekes) and the Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) as the primary funding partners are announcing a Joint Call for companies. IPP2 has been assigned to provide procedural support for the Joint Call. Funding will be available for joint business creation projects with an internationally relevant problem-solving perspective. Funding will be granted to individual company participants of eligible Joint Project Plans according to the funding principles of the financing partners identified by the company applicants.

Previously the deadline for application was on 15.12.2016. However, now Tekes and MOST have agreed the deadline has now been given extension in order to allow this opportunity to reach more people and facilitate the matching between companies.

The new deadline for Joint Project Plan submission is now 17:00 Finland Time (22:00 Vietnam time), Monday 16 January  2017.

The Joint Call between TEKES, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, and NATIF, the National Technology Innovation Fund, assigned by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of Vietnam. Vietnam-Finland Innovation Partnership Programme (IPP)  facilitates the Tekes-Natif Joint Call for Global Business Creation and provides matchmaking support to bring Vietnamese and Finnish companies together.

Companies already submitted proposals can also review and resubmit the documents with new Deadline.

We encourage all companies submitted EOIs to continue looking for potential partners eligible for the Joint Call and send proposals before extended Deadline on 16 January 2017.

Important Note:

Vietnamese Lead Partner sends Joint Project Plan (download the template here) to IPP via email  and registers the consortium on  IPP Digital ePlatform, an online, secure co-working space

Further on matching support please contact

IPP – Ms. Kieu Phuong, +84 903 40 1970;

Tekes – Kati Lahtinen,; Minh Lam,

Information about Joint Call:

Information about TEKES: