Press release IPP Harvest Day


Vietnam – Finland Innovation Partnership Programme Phase 2 (IPP) organizes IPP Harvest Day on March 10, 2017, at Convention Hall, La Thanh hotel, 226 Van Phuc street to exhibit project results thus far and to orchestrate activities for the Exit Phase with emphasis on partnership creation, sustainability, and impact. There are 4 key contents (1) Exhibition of IPP’s supported projects; (2) Review and graduation ceremony for the Training of Trainers 2 program on innovation and entrepreneurship (ToT2) in collaboration with 11 partner universities; (3) Co-creation and networking activities; and (4) Announcement of IPP Exit Plan and Launching IPP Alumni Network.

This Final Demo Day organized by IPP is expected to host about 200 participants including supported projects by IPP, graduates from Training of Trainers 1 and 2 programs on innovation and entrepreneurship (ToT1 and ToT2) and IPP partners. IPP Harvest Day also welcomes the distinguish presence of Mr. Ilkka-Pekka Similä – Ambassador of Finland to Vietnam, Mr. Tran Quoc Khanh – Vice Minister of Science and Technology of Vietnam, representing IPP’s donors and IPP’s competent authority. Members of IPP Steering Committee, representatives from Ministry of Education and Training and from related provincial authorities also participate.

For a sustainable and healthy development of Vietnam’s innovation and startup ecosystem, during the past 2 years, IPPs has provided financial and capacity building supports for 32 company projects and ecosystem development projects across Vietnam. At the same time, IPP has trained 47 innovation consultants/coaches and lecturers on innovation and entrepreneurship. In this event, the supported sub-project teams will demonstrate their achievements, share learned experience and future challenges. This is also a great opportunity for all team members, innovation and entrepreneurship lecturers and startup supporters to meet up and tell their own stories, share their needs, challenges, and plans toward share goals.

On this occasion, IPP will announce IPP Exit Strategy and officially launch IPP Alumni Network with key members from IPP supported projects/individuals with the aim of enhancing the collaboration and partnership within E&I ecosystem.


Vietnam-Finland Innovation Partnership Program (IPP) is an Official Development Assistance (ODA) program financed jointly by the governments of Vietnam and Finland. IPP is in its second and final phase running through 2014-2018 with EUR 11 million budget. IPP targets long-term benefits for the Vietnamese economy and E&I ecosystem. The program works with key national and international partners to scale up practical E&I training as well as to improve local support mechanisms and programs for Vietnamese new innovative companies. IPP connects key actors in the ecosystem in order to build a strong foundation for Vietnam’s next-generation entrepreneurs and promotes partnerships between Vietnamese and other, particularly Finnish businesses.

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