What we do

IPP is an initiator, facilitator and connector with the aim of strengthening the Vietnamese innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. It fosters new activities, connections and collaboration nationally, regionally and internationally. IPP is now working with key local and international partners to develop and scale up practical innovation and entrepreneurship training and to improve local support mechanisms and programs for Vietnamese new innovative companies.

We now provide support for the following target groups:

  • Innovative high growth Vietnamese startups
  • Startups ecosystem developers in Vietnam
  • Vietnamese universities and other educational institutions

IPP2’s 2016 offering


Grant for Startup Ecosystem Developers is a resourcing grant targeted at startup ecosystem development projects providing new support (different types of mechanisms, services, programs or schemes) for new innovative growth companies in Vietnam. IPP2’s support for the first stage of these projects (6-8 months) includes the following (1) Seed grant for covering human resource related costs (both internal and external reimbursement of paid costs; (2) Mentoring and advisory services tailored to the needs of the project teams; (3) Opportunity to participate in online platform pilot initiated by IPP in 2016 to connect startup ecosystem participants nationally and internationally; (4) Opportunity to apply for additional grant to last up to the end of the year 2017.

In 2016, IPP2 is offering Support for Vietnamese Universities and Other Educational Organisations in the development of their innovation and entrepreneurship training. The Core Curriculum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, designed and developed by IPP2 and tested it in Training of Trainers (ToT1) and IPP Innovation Accelerator (IAP) programs, will be introduced to Vietnamese training partners. A Request for Expressions of Interest followed by a Call for Proposals is arranged in spring 2016. As part of collaboration, IPP will introduce its Core Curriculum and organise a second Training of Trainers Program (ToT2) for the selected organisations.

IPP2’s Phase 2 Grant 2016 for New Innovative Growth Company and Innovation System Development Projects is a scaling up grant offered to those projects having received seed funding by IPP2 in 2015. The additional grant, which is for 6 – 20 months long projects to develop further their solutions and businesses, includes: (1) Grant of maximum 100,000 € to reimburse 70% (or 50% in case of business whose new product is already on the market and growth fast) of the acceptable human resource related project costs; (2) Training events, mentoring and advisory services tailored to the needs of the project teams; (3) Opportunity to participate in online platform pilot initiated by IPP in 2016 to connect startup ecosystem participants both nationally and internationally.



IPP 2015 Overview Infographic

IPP 2015 Overview Infographic

IPP2’s activities & achievements in the period of 2014-2015


1. Grants 2015


IPP2’s 2015 project portfolio consists of 18 Vietnamese new innovative companies and 4 consortiums that are developing better services for growth companies in Vietnam. Support for these projects includes a seed grant as well as training, coaching and network building in the IPP2 Innovation Accelerator Program. Grants are reimbursed up to 30,000 euros for company projects and 50,000 euros for system projects, mainly to pay for human resource costs. The accelerator & grant are designed in a way that helps teams attract additional funding from external sources and connect with other national and regional innovation support opportunities.


2. Innovation Accelerator Training Program (IAP)


The IPP Innovation Accelerator Program is a six-month program for IPP’s supported projects to accelerate their innovative activities and increase their potential for international growth. This standardized and tailored training program based on a comprehensive curriculum, combining with other services as mentorship, network access, and matching funding for the 22 innovation companies and system projects in Hanoi, Hochiminh City, Danang-Hue.

IAP provides (1) Innovation and entrepreneurship training based on a tailored curriculum and delivered by experienced international trainers and 12 IPP business consultants from ToT1 program; (2) Access to local and international mentors, investors, donors, entrepreneurship supporting programs; (3) Bootcamp, Mid-term and Final Demo Day with certificates of completion for teams.


3. Training of the Trainers (ToT1)


The ToT1 is ‘first time in Vietnam’ world-class innovation and entrepreneurship training program in 8 months for 12 Vietnamese business consultants. The ToT1 Program consists of two months of intensive training with professional trainers and 6 months of coaching practice. Four international trainers from Europe and the US together with a team of local facilitators conduct the training and support the follow-up process. There are also weekly experience-sharing sessions with visiting international and local guest speakers, who are successful businessmen, angel and venture capitalists and business consultants. The 12 participants, who have a variety of international experience, come from private companies, entrepreneurship support organizations, governmental agencies and Vietnamese universities.