Sự kiện Techfest diễn ra ngày 15-17 tháng 5

IPP tham gia sự kiện Techfest, sự kiện về doanh nghiệp và công nghệ trong năm diễn ra tại Việt Nam.

What is Techfest?

TECHFEST is an all-encompassing platform for All-Things-Tech.

From being the entrepreneurs building the next big thing, to innovators of cool gadgets looking to launch. From purveyors of cutting edge digital tools to latest digital entertainment platforms, we have it all. It’s a celebration of the 21st century; where technology meets lifestyle.

TECHFEST is a celebration of the Next-Generation innovators and their communities. This is a platform to build and foster great ideas and talents, gather thought leaders, stage for the next trend, better yet, be the trend-setter, where innovation begins.

TECHFEST is the platform where strong network and lasting collaborations begins between ASEAN and the world.


Để biết thêm thông tin xin truy cập: http://www.techfest.vn/