Announcement: IPP Calls for Expressions of Interest

IPP Resourcing Grants & Innovation Training – Request for Expressions of Interest

Innovation Partnership Program (IPP) is an Official Development Assistance (ODA) program financed jointly by the Governments of Vietnam and Finland. The program is in its second phase running through 2014-2018. IPP targets positive socio-economic impact and long-term benefits for the Vietnamese innovation system. The program works with key national and international partners as well as top innovation teams to support Vietnam’s 2020 economic goals and increase the export of innovative products and services.

IPP’s main focus is in building innovation and entrepreneurial capabilities. Its training activities will contribute to the development of a national entrepreneurship and innovation curriculum. In 2015, IPP will take the first steps in bringing capabilities to the next level by organising the first high profile Innovation Fellowship Program targeted to 20 individuals from the public and private sector. After graduation, these individuals will work to scale up innovation thinking and education in Vietnam.

IPP provides support including matching funding for innovation projects of Vietnamese new innovative companies and actors in public and knowledge institutions that are helping these companies. IPP’s funding is highly selective and it offers intense practical training for the team it works with. The first funding call is scheduled to open in early 2015.  IPP’s funding for innovative teams tests and showcases mechanisms for supporting high-growth entrepreneurship. These mechanisms can later be scaled up in Vietnam.

As part of the program launch IPP is now requesting Expressions of Interest (EoI) for its upcoming grant call and the first Innovation Fellowship Program. All Expressions of Interest must be in English.

1. Expressions of Interest for the Fellowship Program

2. Expressions of Interest from New Innovative Companies

3. Expressions of Interest from Innovation System Development Teams


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