Announcement: The 2nd Training of Trainers Program for Innovation Consultants


In 2015, IPP trained Vietnam’s first Certified Innovation Consultants who have thereafter worked in various roles ranging from consultants to entrepreneurs, executives and educators to spark innovation in established companies, build new ones and boost Entrepreneurship & Innovation (E&I) thinking and education in Vietnam.

To support the ongoing shift from aid to trade in Finland-Vietnam relations, IPP is launching the Vietnam Market Access and Partnership Program (VMAP) to support innovative Finnish companies to explore business opportunities in Vietnam and the broader Southeast Asian market. VMAP plans to bring in Vietnam 20 innovative Finnish companies or Finnish-led consortia from various sectors with assistance from IPP’s locally built resources for implementation of market studies, partner search and building of a Vietnam-related long-term project/strategy.

Therefore, IPP now calls for experienced Vietnamese business professionals to send Expressions of Interest for the second Training of Trainers Program for Innovation Consultants (TOT-IC) scheduled to run from September 2017 to January 2018. TOT-IC, once contracted and trained, will be mobilised as assigned resource to support Finnish companies participating in VMAP. The Program consists of one-month cost-free training, preparation, team building and co-creation for a remunerated three months hands-on work with Finnish companies participating in VMAP aimed to initiate partnerships and business creation between companies from Vietnam, Finland and beyond. IPP encourages IPP’s alumni and portfolio members to collaborate on this Call.

TOT-IC participants will be in charge of building and leading a local expert team to support their assigned company or companies in market access and partnership projects; helping them to find partners and strategic direction in Vietnam. The overall target of the program is to generate leading professionals for Vietnam’s future in cross-border innovation work and business creation.

The deadline for sending Expressions of Interest is 10 July 2017.

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