Announcing innovation projects selected to the 2015 IPP Innovation Accelerator Program

IPP has selected several new innovative company projects and innovation system development projects for grant support following its call for proposals in April. The selected teams will also benefit from training and access to networks in the 2015 IPP Innovation Accelerator Program starting on Monday August 17th. The list of projects including their public summaries is below.

Table 1: Company Projects

Organisation name Project Name Public Summary of Project
Viet Systems Company Do It Yourself Internet of Things To “Control everything through internet” we have create a tool set consisting of V-SYS CONTROLLER, an embedded controller and V-SYS LOGIC a new platform and new language for automation programming. V-SYS LOGIC allows anyone can declare and connect sensors and devices and then compile automation scripts “If this happen than do that” on their smartphones, tablet easily without having the knowledge of the system programming language. He or she only needs to know cleary what to be controlled.
V-SYS CONTROLLER will implements the automation scripts compiled by V-SYS LOGIC.
Furthermore, all the V-SYS CONTROLLERs can connect and control each other through the Internet
Proview Platform is the Platform, easy way to manage strategy, performance measurement incorporation management and human resource performance assessment.
Help solve the problem that the overall organization, enterprises face:
o Strategic Management.
o Measuring performance.
o Employee performance assessment.
o Aligning the organization’s strategic, business and HR strategies.
o To overcome the difficulties encountered when applying the Balanced Scorecard by automating processes, simplify the steps and automates the analysis, calculated to make the dashboard, reporting, chart analysis.
o Warning strategic and operational efficiency across all levels of management from the scale corporation, corporation, company, block, departments and individuals.
Brodev Vietnam jsc. Beeketing – Marketing platform for e-commerce sites Generated $150,000 revenues for customers in the first 6 months after launched, Beeketing is a marketing platform to help small online shop owners sell like Amazon:
1. Track website’s visitors behaviors to learn about their buying habit.
2. Recommend right products to visitor that they want to buy to increase conversion rate.
3. Send personalized marketing emails automatically to increase retention.
Targeting 2 million online stores that, according to US chamber of commerce, pay $6,000 per year for online marketing
iNext Technology Telemedicine solution (Improving manufacturing technology of iTeleM and building brand
identity documents)
By combining modern imaging technique in medicine (DICOM – Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) with online Video conference, a new product named iTeleM is created. It is convenient for doctor in medical consultation and diagnosis at any place, any time via Internet. Our iTeleM product is pioneer in Southeast ASIA. Our product helps to effectively use high quality human resources in health (by online medical consultation), strengthening and perfecting the healthcare network. Also, people in remote areas have access to the medical services of high quality at the base (irrespective of the geographical area).
Entobel Insect as a sustainable feed ingredient Entobel converts low value organic substrate into high-grade agricultural products thanks to insects.
Its final products are a high protein insectmeal and an organic fertilizer. Insectmeal is a sustainable and innovative ingredient for the animal feed industry. Insectmeal aims to replace unsustainable feed ingredient like fishmeal in various animal diet.
Company for Research and Application of Nanotechnology in Agriculture – CRAN Water monitoring and treatment in catfish farming with advanced
total solution
In this project we offer an advanced total solution for catfish farming and a complete technical process to monitor of water quality online and treat water of fish ponds by application of nanotechnology. Our solutions contribute to a sustainable catfish farming and production for Mekong Delta area with high quality exported catfish. Moreover, our solution can be applied for other aquacultural farming and production
Vietnam Plasma Technology Joint-stock Company Develop Cold Plasma Jet for Biomedical Applications Our project focuses on development and commercialization of our new invention – cold gliding arc plasma jet for biomedical applications. Our plasma jet is safe and highly effective in sterilisation and tissue regeneration stimulation. Therefore, it is applicable in Dermatology and Cosmetic. Our product is designed and manufactured in Vietnam, bringing its cost competitiveness.
Abivin JSC ABIVIN Abivin’s mission is to make software truly smart. We are revolutionizing the Data Analytics experience through seamless human and machine interaction. Our software is able to:
– understand and interact with users
­ – analyse terabytes of data in seconds
­ – provide output in a variety of formats according to users’ needs
Zinmed Vietnam JSC. Treatment Management Application for Diabetics Zinmed diabetes is treatment management application for diabetics. We provide news, automatic healthcare tracking tools base on smartphone and wearable device, automatic reminder via smartphone and location services by tagging Hospital, Clinics and Diabetes Doctor on map in apps. Zinmed diabetes is developed for 7 million Vietnamese diabetics and over 350 million diabetics worldwide. We have 100.000USD cloud apps sponsor from, 60000 USD sponsor via Bizspark program from Microsoft and 10000 USD from Silicon Valley Ecosystem in Viet Nam in 2015. With numbers of Diabetes Doctors, over first 50 diabetics in Hanoi and HoChiMinh, we are on the way to do the first total solution for diabetics with more healthcare tracking information and better healthcare services.
ICOMM Media and Tech., Jsc FlexAds – Flexible Mobile Content Distributing Platform The project is to deliver a long-term effective and valuable mobile marketing and content delivering platform to the fast growing mobile content market in Vietnam. Comparing with traditional mobile marketing platform solutions, our platform offers:
– High engagement: the platform is able to engage user on the majority of their airtime (online).
– Extremely flexible ads format: we develop an Ads delivery mechanism which doesn’t limit the ads format to pre-defined ones. The to-be-designed Ads format and logic can be configured server-sided without the need to update SDK version in client’s handset. This is a big advantage over traditional mobile marketing platforms. Currently, other mobile marketing platforms limit their supported ads formats by version.
– Cheaper and more flexible user acquisition with different supported methods including: SDK, package wrapping, package injecting and firmware OTA, etc. While SDK approach is the only method supported by other platforms globally (Google Admob, Airpush, Startapp), the later methods work extremely effectively in markets which are similar to that of Vietnam and China with popularity of cracked apps without source code. By the supported user-acquisition methods above, we open up the chance to acquire mass users from current mobile phone chain stores (thegioididong, Qmobile, etc.), existing app stores (Appota,
mworks) and mobile developer community.
Besides, our platform also incorporates an app discovery and recommendation engine to suggest content which is suitable with customer’s preference.
Joint Stock Company for the Application of Science and Technology International Trade of Herbal Medicine for Burns The project aims to establish and operate a new Joint Stock Company for the production of and international trading in herbal medicine for all types of burns.
The new product will target domestic market (Vietnam) and international market (Laos, Myanmar and Cu Ba), in particular the poorest segment of the population.
Applancer Applancer Applancer is a global mobile outsourcing platform that focusing on building great mobile applications.
On Applancer’s platform, developers can use a wide range of supports from tools to tips in order to help them build the seamless mobile app in the most saving and efficient way.
The goal, also the value proposition of Applancer, is to save 50% time and money and to bring 100% risk-free for our client.
ezCloud Global Technology JSC ezCloud – Total Hotel Management System We bring an innovation solution for thousand of hotels in Vietnam to alter their hotel manual management by an automated system that use electronic devices that never have in Vietnam before which is affordable. This project aims to build an integrated hotel management system including modules for hotel management (check-in, check-out), restaurant management, member card. The hotel booking online is a Plug-in the hotel management system targeting the hotels from 1 to 3 stars. The project is expected to be implemented in 6 months with three main stages: analysis and design, building and testing, development. The number of participants in the project includes 6 key people in charge of different tasks.
Stitch Appeal Mass customization for women’s fashion Stitch Appeal is a fashion-tech company that leverages technology to enable women to personalize the design of her clothing, then get those items made with her unique measurements.
Our operations are in Vietnam, including website management, graphic design, marketing, fashion design and manufacturing. Our customers are global, with our target markets being developed countries such as the US, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong.We target the Affordable Luxury market with products made using luxury couture techniques, premium fabrics and expert workmanship.Our goal is to change the way women around the world shop. Company is selling style and good design fitting very well for each unique body. One of the key issues is tech platform in general and measurement technologies specially
Hamona Vietnam Co., Ltd Hamona-The Premium Coconut Hamona Vietnam Co, Ltd produces, sale, and market premium fresh coconut from Mekong Delta Area. Hamona product is handy, fresh, easy to use, natural, and tasty. The company has sold the product in Vietnam and prepare to export. The project is establishing Hamona branch in the USA as well as start selling there.
HandiConnect HandiGlass – supportive smart glasses for paralyzed people to interact with computers by moving their heads and eyes. HandiGlass is one of high-tech products of HandiEquip, a leading social business specialized in innovating and providing supportive smart equipments for the disabled around the world. HandiGlass allows users, paralyzed people, to interact with computers by moving their heads and eyes.
International Smart Education Technologies Co. LTD Smart Education Now (SEN) Platform Development and Commercialization Digital education has transformed education from paper-based to digital classrooms and significantly improved teaching and learning efficiency. However, current digital solutions are not ready for future education, which tends to be more data-driven, intelligent, available on multiple devices/platforms anywhere anytime, and capable of differentiated teaching to meet different student’s’ needs.SEN Tech’s objectives are to push digital education to the next level, creating an interactive, solid online platform that will enable further intelligent features to support publishers’, educators’ and students’ improvement towards Smart Education.Our project aims to develop and commercialize the SEN Platform, a breakthrough Online Digital Solution with the preeminent core features to enable teachers’ capabilities to:
i) Know not only how many questions students answer correctly or incorrectly, but insightfully understand why and how each student improves or falls behind
ii) Flexibly differentiate instructions to match with different students’ needs based on real-time performance data
iii) Closely work with parents and content publishers to efficiently support students’ development
iv) Teaching and learning anywhere, anytime on any device
Green Leap International The Gardener – electro-mechanical box that takes care of rooftop
gardens in cities.
The Gardener is a box that takes care of rooftop gardens for busy city homeowners. A fully automated electro-mechanical device that monitor water, temperature and deliver water and fertilizer as needed and scheduled to trees and plants. Associated mobile apps (Android and iOS) allow homeowners to watch their garden in real time, in forms of videos and plant health statistics. The Gardener Pro version is equipped with solar panels on the roof, to ensure uninterrupted irrigation and monitoring. The solar panels also provide adjustable shades to the garden, while producing electricity and keep the system independent from electricity grid.


Table 2: Consortium Projects

Consortium name Project Name  Project Public summary 
The University of Danang, College of IT, Da Nang Institute for Socio Economic Development (DISED), 9Start Lab Development of Da Nang Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem The project aims to build an innovative and business startup in Danang, which includes incubators and a supportive ecosystem. 
Vietnam Impact Incubator
(Villgro Vietnam)
Vietnam Impact Incubator – Accelerating investments in innovation based social start-ups and developing the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Vietnam. The consortium aims to address the need for early stage support and financing, for social innovation and entrepreneurship to reach an investable stage, by creating a sustainable social enterprise (SE) incubator, Villgro Vietnam, replicating in Vietnam the success of Villgro in India. The incubator will offer seed funding, provide intensive incubation services and demonstrate exists can be achieved.
BK-Holdings SNV Vietnam Vietnam Innovation Assistance Program (VIAP) – a hybrid incubator, accelerator and research lab for food value chain in Red River Delta VIAP is a hybrid incubator, accelerator and food research lab for the food value chain in the Red River delta. It plans to be a one stop shop to help food processing SMEs with access to technology, investment readiness to make it easier for them to secure finance, access to markets in Vietnam and internationally, production, distribution and other problems they might be facing.
Conech Fablabs Vietnam ­- Development of a network of fablabs in Vietnam Fablabs Vietnam aims to create a network of Fablabs (Fabrication Laboratories) in Vietnam. There are already 450 Fablabs in the world, giving the public access to digital fabrication tools and prototyping. In the innovation system, Fablabs act as a pre-seed incubator promoting collaboration and experimentation, to foster strong and diverse teams with successful products and solutions.


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