Innovation Policy Support

Innovation Policy support

IPP’s is supporting Vietnam’s governmental agencies including (1) The National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development (NATEC), (2) Department of Technology Appraisal, Examination and Assessment, (3) National Institute for Science and Technology Policy and Strategy Studies (NISTPASS), and (4) the National Office of Intellectual Property. IPP has been supporting the development of innovation policies on a national level, with the following focus:


  1. Encouraging Policies for Venture capital establishment;
  2. Development of the Innovative Startup ecosystem in Vietnam
  3. Amending and updating Law on Technology Transfer;
  4. National Intellectual Property Action Plan.

IPP provides extensive soft support through a variety of capacity building activities. Senior international experts, advisors are invited to work with responsible governmental agencies, bringing in international knowledge and experiences to develop further the local innovation policies and best practices.

IPP also invites the worlds’ leading experts to Vietnam to give lectures on policies for science, technology and innovation. This activity strengthened the capacity of senior and mid-level officials providing new knowledge and thinking in international contexts, trends, best practices and experiences of developed countries.

In addition, since 2015, IPP has been organizing senior executive training courses for Vietnamese senior policy-makers on science, technology, education and finance for innovation and startups in Finland and Singapore.

IPP is now developing 02 evidence-based policy discussion papers on Educational and Financial Policies for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.