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Distinguished public lectures from world-class experts

Professor Göran Roos: “Innovation & Economic Growth”

Prof. Göran Roos is one of the founders of modern intellectual capital science and a recognised world expert in this field as well as a major contributor to the thinking and practice in the areas of strategy and innovation management as well as industrial and innovation policy. He was named one of the 13 most influential thinkers of the 21st Century by the Spanish business journal, “Direccion y Progreso”. He was appointed “Manufacturing for the Future” Thinker in Residence by the South Australian Premier for the year 2011 and an appointed member of the Prime Minister’s Manufacturing Leaders Group 2012/2013. He was selected for Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) Top 10 Speeches 2013. He is the author and co-author of over 300 books, book chapters, papers and articles on Intellectual Capital, Innovation Management, Strategy and Industrial Policy many of which have been recognised with awards.

This is a lecture by Professor Göran Roos at the Ministry of Science and Technology on August 22, 2007, entitled “Innovation & Economic Growth – The New Normal in the World & Policy Recommendations”. The professor addresses issues such as industrial and social policy, education policy and skill development, research and innovation development policy, and recommendations for Vietnam.

Bringing the world’s leading experts in innovation to Vietnam is part of a series of capacity building activities for policy makers on S & T and innovation of IPP2 to equip new thinking for management of MOST, DOSTs, relevant ministries and agencies on international context, international trends, best practices and experiences of developed countries in startups, innovation, S & T management; thereby contributing to the quality and effectiveness of S & T development policies in tandem with economic growth and sustainable development in Vietnam.

Download presentation slides by Prof. Göran Roose here.

Former Finnish Prime Minister Esko Aho:  “Finnish experiences in developing innovation-driven economy”

The lecture titled “Finnish experiences in developing innovation-driven economy” was delivered by Finland’s Former Prime Minister Esko Aho on September 18, 2017 as part of IPP’s activities to improve the capacity of Vietnamese policymakers. In his speech, Aho underscored the need to change ideas about knowledge, master future technology and devise strategies for innovation.

In recent years, Finland has been among the world’s top 10 countries in terms of the Global Innovation Index and Global Competitiveness Index. The country was also ranked high in indexes scoring the efficiency of public organisations, tertiary education, corporate innovation and public-private partnership.

Born in 1954, Mr Esko Aho was Prime Minister of Finland from 1991 to 1995. Today he is Executive Chairman of the Board at East office of Finnish Industries representing the leading Finnish corporations in Russia.  Mr. Aho is elected member of the Executive Board at the International Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Aho is an invited member of the Club de Madrid, an independent organisation of former heads of state and government dedicated to strengthening democracy.  He is also a member of the Board of Sberbank, Russian’s biggest bank. In 2016, he was named as Executive in Residence at Aalto University, where he works at the Department of  Management Studies at the School of Business.

Esko Aho served as a member of Finnish parliament for 20 years before being elected to the Prime Minister´s Office in 1991.


IPP2’s Learning Resources for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

In the efforts of promoting the development a healthy ecosystem for innovative startups, since 2015, IPP has trained more than 100 innovation consultants, coaches and lecturers on innovation and entrepreneurship for Vietnam.

IPP2 has been developing an open-source curriculum on innovation and entrepreneurship that focuses on the key concepts, tools and techniques for growth company generation. This curriculum is flexible and constantly evolving – it can be further developed and applied in many contexts and for different needs. So far, the IPP2 has tested the curriculum material in several training programs such as Training of Trainers 1 program for 12 innovation coaches (ToT1) in 2015, the IPP2 Innovation Accelerator Program for innovation startups and startup ecosystem enablers (IAP) in 2015, Training of Trainer 2 (ToT2) program for 33 lecturers of 11 universities nation-wide  in 2016, Training of Trainers for 6 HCMC-based Universities (ToT-HCM) and Training of Trainers 2 in Hanoi for 13 universities of Northen region (ToT2-Hanoi) in 2017. The open-source curriculum is public to everyone on this site.

IPP’s E&I training courses are conducted by international experts from Europe and the US together with a team of local facilitators. There were also experience-sharing sessions with visiting international and local guest speakers, who are successful businessmen, angel investors, venture capitalists, innovation-based lean startup consultants and relevant reputable practitioners.


Overview of the Core Curriculum on Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Click HERE.

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ToT Introduction Materials:

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Useful links

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International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Supporters:

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