Support for Startups

IPP2 provides grants and training support for new innovative companies that are targeting international growth. Since 2015, IPP has tested and showcased mechanisms for working with Vietnamese young companies and their supporters, helping them develop, overcome challenges and reach their goals faster. 

In 2017, IPP does not provide any new grant for high-growth innovative startups, excepts those who have been receiving scale-up grants since 2016.


Supported innovation projects in 2016

In its effort to continue supporting the development of the Vietnamese innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem as well as providing additional support for outstanding projects in IPP2’s existing portfolio, IPP2 launched 2 Grant Calls in 2016, including (1) Phase 2 Grant for already supported innovation projects, and (2) the 2016 New Grant for Startup Ecosystem Developers. The 2 Grants demonstrate IPP2’s commitment to further support and strengthen innovative startups as well as improve services for growth potential startups in Vietnam.

After an exhaustive evaluation round of the 22 projects supported by IPP2 since 2015 and submitted proposals for the Phase 2 Grant, IPP2 decided to provide a larger grant of up to a maximum of EUR 100,000 for 5 outstanding company projects and 2 ecosystem development projects. Regarding the New Grant Call in 2016 for Ecosystem Developers, IPP2 received 49 proposals out of which 39 projects were chosen for full evaluation after the minimum requirements check, and finally 10 outstanding projects were selected for the new maximum EUR 50,000 Grant this year. The 10 consortiums have successfully proven their vision, their capability and feasibility to address and meet the needs startups in Vietnam. These projects introduce new concepts, new elements or new initiatives contributing to the development of Vietnam’s startup ecosystems and the economy nationally or locally.

List of IPP granted projects in 2016 can be found here.

Supported Innovation Projects in 2015

The infographic below features all 18 innovation projects IPP has supported in 2015:


For more information, please consult our project portfolio here .